Guidelines to Writing a Consumer Review

The modern human lifestyle is highly materialistic in nature. This has generated an intense competition between the manufacturers who sell consumer goods. To grab business in such circumstances, every producer leaves no stones unturned to make a good impression of their products upon you. As a result it becomes difficult sometime to figure out which product to buy. This has made existence of consumer review websites very important. They contain critique by consumers who have lately used the product. These reviews help the would-be buyers to make informed decisions. Today as most buyers depend upon these reviews to settle upon a particular brand for a product, it is crucial to write truthful, comprehensive and efficient product reviews rather than the cursory ones that state almost nothing. Here are a few handy tips about how to write good consumer review.The first and the obvious requisite to write an informative consumer review is to be a user of the product yourself. Use the product to have an opinion from the first hand experience. Don’t depend on second hand stories; they are unreliable most of the time. Moreover, it is unethical to make a comment or criticize a product, that you have not experienced yourself.After having written the consumer review, find out relevant and popular forums to post it. If you post in sites that are not reputed enough or are known for false reviews, then you review stands a slim chance of being read. Many product manufacturers have websites that contain false reviews to impress customers about their product. Keep such forums at an arm’s length.In your review state the name of the product, company, brand name very clearly. Don’t confuse reader about which product you are talking of nor send him to hunt other sources to find out the exact product you have mentioned in your review. The identification of the product should be done within the first sentence or two.Don’t copy and rephrase any other review that is already in the website. Use the product and form an opinion about it. And give it a voice. For if you copy, all the reviews will look the same. This will bring down the credibility of the evaluations. This will confuse readers and they will not trust or read the reviews anymore.Sometimes it may happen so after using a particular product, you may like it. But at the same time some shortcomings may come to your notice as well. List both negative and positive sides. Such evaluations help the buyers to take a balanced decision. Never write fake reviews on behalf of companies, who might pay you for writing them.Read and re-read what you have written in the consumer review. The writing should make sense. The reader should be able to understand the point that you have tried to thrust. Otherwise, the purpose is failed. Check grammar spelling and punctuation, as the write-up will be posted in a public forum. Such errors will bring down the credibility of the review.